QuickBooks Tips

Internet Explorer 7.0 and QuickBooks

Internet Explorer version 7.0 is here. Don't rush to update yours if you use certain versions of QuickBooks.

The following QuickBooks Financial Software products will work with IE7:

QuickBooks 2007
QuickBooks 2006 - Release 8
QuickBooks 2005 will be patched to work with IE7. Patch expected to be released by the end of the year.

QuickBooks 2004 and prior versions will not function properly on IE7.

Customers using QuickBooks 2006 versions prior to Release 8, QuickBooks 2005 and 2004 must stay on Internet Explorer 6 for an uninterrupted experience (note: QuickBooks 2005 will be patched later this year, until then we recommend that QuickBooks users 2005 stay on Internet Explorer IE6).

In order to stay on IE6, users must DECLINE the IE7 auto update from Microsoft. For full information and managing the IE7 update, please refer to the following site for detailed information:


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